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Q. Will the tag go through the wash?
A. Yes, the tag is made to go through the wash but you should check it occasionally for clarity.
Q. Will emergency personnel know to look for the tag.
A. Yes, there is not one single case record of the tag not being found by the emergency personnel dealing with an injured child.
Q. How long will the tag last?
A. Longer than the clothing or the shoe will last.
Q. Should I put the tag on all of my children's clothing and footwear?
A. If you put the tag in the child's footwear, jacket and swimsuit it should be sufficient.
Q. How can I help
A. Let you schools and preschool know they can utilize the Lifesaver Tags as a school fundraiser buy going to Companies can also make the tags available to employees families and customers. Feel free to pass this information on to them as well.

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